My Secret Sex Life

May 23

In a Crowded Room

I hate when I am suddenly stricken with a need to touch myself in public, doesn’t matter what that means…it could mean biting my shoulder, could mean putting my pinky up my butt, could mean grabbin my anything…but just that other people are there. I was once sittong on a dark balcony with people sitting on the other side. I totes masturbated and no one noticed. It was a very thrilling feeling. Last night I was in a somewhat crowded bar, but sitting at a table in a corner with a couple of friends which was pretty intimate. And I was the only person on my side of the table. So I sorta just played with my butt for a little. Fun times people. Fun times.

I been fantasizing about fucking someone in that area between two train cars on like the subway or the Chicago L trains or any trains, like while the train is running…it seems scary and amazing.

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